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Mentor/Mentee Signups

February 21, 2017

Do you wish you had someone to ask about UROPs, internships, classes, or anything else? 

This spring we are matching underclassmen with upperclassmen mentors! Even if you participated in our Fall WAE/WGA^3 Mentor program, you can (and should!) still sign up to be a part of this one. 


Please complete this form (same link) by Tuesday, February 28th.


We will have our mentor-mentee reveal event on Wednesday, March 1st at 6 PM. If you can't make it, we can set up a different time for you and your mentor/mentee to meet!


One of the main benefits of this program will be having an upperclassmen who you can ask about classes/UROPS/internships etc, and WAE can subsidize your chats up to $5/person for coffee/hot chocolate. 


Hidden Figures Showing

February 16, 2017

WAE will be subsidizing tickets to see Hidden Figures on Thursday 2/23 at 7pm!

Email us at or through our contact page to reserve tickets!


Welcome to WAE!

October 19, 2016

New Website!